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Latest website launch

New website for Mid-River Christian Centre
New website for Mid-River Christian Centre

I’m excited to announce the launch of my latest website project –! This is the internet presence for Mid-River Christian Centre in Weslaco, TX and I’m glad to be able to help them get online.

This is a site for which I did all of the development work – including the graphics. I’m pretty impressed with the header considering that the stock photo it’s taken from had the rock looking more like a turd. Ha! I kicked in some new Photoshop skills to make it look a little better.

There are more features yet to be added to the site. Hopefully they’ll be live soon.

A new website for my voicework

The voice is not as old as the mic

In this season of expanding the opportunities to use my talents, I am launching a new website that focuses on my professional voice-over and radio personality skills.

The new site is very simple, clean and functional. Work orders can be submitted immediately from the home page with minimal fuss.

If you know anyone needing professional voice services – for radio, TV, internet, message-on-hold, whatever – look me up!

Protect yourself online

I’m a techie and I make no apologies for it. Being one has saved me much aggravation over the years simply by not using Microsoft’s internet software (IE, OE, Outlook).

My family, however, is not on the same wavelength.

Microsoft has fixed a major security hole in the browser most people use to get on the internet. Automatic update took care of mine this morning. I recommend for peace of mind to make sure yours is updated, too. It’ll help keep the bad guys from stealing personal information from your computer.