As things unfold in our world right now I consider how difficult it may be at times to maintain the commitment to follow God’s ways when even those closest to us reject what He said to do. It is immensely sad to watch loved ones turn away from the truth and pervert it to justify their own vanities.

God has not changed and will not change and, fundamentally, people don’t change. We’re still the same fallen depraved creatures that repeat the same tortured mistakes as our ancestors who rode their pursuits of personal happiness and self-fulfillment into societal collapse after collapse. For as long as God allows, we will continue the same cycles.

There is but one ending to the story of humanity. In that end, yes,‪ #‎lovewins‬, but it is not fleeting, fallible human love that wins, but God’s eternal redemptive love. That love came at a high cost – Jesus. While God freely offers redemption and salvation to all, only some accept the gift by receiving Jesus and following Him – and make no mistake… following Him means doing what He said and what is written in His Word. There are exclusions to who “wins” in the end. You can read about who’s “in” and who’s “out” in Revelation 21 & 22.

It is only they who have their names recorded in the Book of Life who will be on the winning side in the end – and a few other types who will not be. Oh, there will be some battles won by the degenerate, the immoral, the sexually perverse from time to time, but in the grand finale, they lose – and lose big.

God has always saved a remnant made up of those who stay committed to following Him. The watchful. The waiting. They are the ones who will be saved.

Stand fast. The persecution comes.

Stay hopeful, and watch… and pray.

Tragedies Suck

They suck for those directly affected – those who have lost a child, or friend, and are experiencing grief – but they also suck for those of us who are trying to figure out how to process it. How to talk about it… with others, with our kids.

It’s almost impossible to know where the line is between being overly morbid and depressed vs. looking callous by not letting it affect you.

I want to be sensitive. I do. But I’m often not. I don’t think we get anywhere constructive by being “sensitive”. We’d just be wallowing in feelings.

Someone has to have the presence of mind to say, “STOP IT!!”

So I’ve turned the news off the last few days because there is nowhere constructive that they’re going to go with this situation. There is nowhere in our news media, or social media like Twitter for that matter, where there is any focus on what God’s intentions are for what happened in Connecticut – or what happens every day of the year all over the globe where tragedies occur that don’t move the emotional needle one iota for us.

There is nothing in our human power that we can control to avert every tragedy. We try, but clearly we fail. And will always fail. Because other people’s decisions are not yours or mine to control.

There are no laws that have ever stopped an accident, or a criminal or an unstable mind.

So, I’m all for sharing the message of hope that God has for us all – that He loves you and me and our kids, and despite the horribleness of this world (which, by the way, He knows full well and was born into it in days worse than the ones we’re in now) I’m thankful that in the middle of those terrible things we experience we can join the heavenly angels singing, as they did then…

“Glory to God in the Highest, and on earth peace, goodwill toward men”.

So we turn to the story of the babe in a manger. The little innocent baby, full of promise and wonder, who lived to die to save a world that has always been His all along.

Not ours.

It’s in Him that our hope lies. The more people who are talking about what THAT means (every single person on his or her face repenting before God) instead of how many new laws we can pass or what people we can place under government control is where we can be constructive.

California joins the Powerball craziness

California nuts now about Powerball
What took so long?

Winning tickets for that big Powerball lottery were purchased in Missouri and Arizona. The jackpot had gotten up to almost $600 million.

Until yesterday, there were 6 states that did not allow sales of Powerball tickets – with California being one of them.

No more.

The state apparently is devastated that potential tax revenue is crossing over to Arizona so they voted to approve bringing Powerball here beginning in April 2013.

My only question is “what took so long for the craziness to come to the land of the crazies?”

You can read more here.

A New York RAK

Policeman helps homeless man
Boots in the cold

You never know when a random act of kindness will inspire more than just the people involved in the act. A police officer in New York City did a kind deed recently. A tourist took a photo of it and it’s become a hit on the internet.

Lawrence DePrimo, on duty on a freezing cold night near Times Square, says he was wearing two pairs of socks and his feet was still cold – when he saw a homeless man sitting on the sidewalk with no shoes or socks – and Lawrence could see the blisters on the man’s feet.

Lawrence was moved to walk down to a nearby shoe store where he bought socks and a pair of boots for the homeless man, brought them back and helped the man put them on.

And we know about this because Jennifer, a tourist who happened to see what was happening, took a picture of the officer kneeling beside the man as he helped him with the boots.

That photo has had over 300,000 likes on Facebook and tens of thousands of people have shared it.

It’s true that most acts of kindness do go unnoticed. But every once in a while – we need one that gets noticed – and talked about – if for nothing else than to inspire us to do more acts of kindness that go unnoticed.

It’s the spirit of Christmas.

You can read the full story here.

Grocery STORE giveaway

I’ve heard of grocery giveaways, especially this time of year, but I don’t think I’ve ever heard of someone giving away a grocery STORE. But that’s what Joe Lueken did. He decided to retire from his grocery store business (he owned 2), but instead of selling it off to another company or investors – or even passing it down to family – he decided to give it… to his 400-some employees.

Nice little Christmas present. Joe says the reason he’s doing it is because it’s his employees who are “responsible for the success of the business and they deserve to get some of the benefits”.

The new employee-owned company will have a new president and CEO. Brent Sicard started working for Lueken in 1998 as an overnight janitor.

Reminds of something I heard once – that’s it not about where you begin in life, but where you finish.

Joe Lueken is finishing well. His wife Janice says they hope to leave a lasting legacy – of doing the right thing for people, empowering them to help themselves and help others, too.

You can read the full story here...

What your car WILL be worth

Best resale - Toyota FJ Cruiser
Best vehicle for resale

If you knew you were going to lose 62% of the money you invested in something, I wonder if you’d make that investment?

That’s what happens when you buy a new car. Kelley Blue Book has come out with their list of the best vehicles for resale value after 5 years – and it seems the cars to buy to lose the least are Toyotas. They make up the majority of the list – with the FJ Cruiser having the best resale value at 63%.

Only 3 others are over 50%.

Any other vehicle you buy new you will lose more than half what you pay for it within 5 years – and when you’re talkin’ $20-40k for most cars, that’s a loss of at least $10-20k!! Or in other words, only losing 200 to 400 hundred bucks a month.

I guess that’s why the financial guy Dave Ramsey is always talking about buying used cars that someone else has taken the loss on.

You can read the full story here.

Those Sexist Facebook Leaders

Word just came out that Facebook‘s board of directors is comprise of all white males. Huh? How is it possible that a company led by white men created a product used predominately by women?

Of course, that is a travesty and an affront to those who believe that it really should be women who rule the world.

In this story at Bloomberg about the situation, Anne Mulcahy, a former chairman and CEO at a number of big companies, is quoted as saying…

“We’re long past having to defend or explain why women should be on boards, given all the data that shows how companies with female as well as male directors perform better. It’s unfortunate when companies with a large percentage of women constituents don’t reflect that in their boardrooms.”

To which I say…



Granted, it may be true that in some cases “gender diversity” can improve things, but not in all. There is so much more to leadership and vision than can be “corrected” by the implementation of a politically-correct scenario.

Facebook has done quite well without a female at the tippety-top-top of the leadership ranks. At some point they may realize the need for, or simply want, a woman included in the mix. But to demand it or to pass some moral judgment on a company and its leaders simply on the basis that the makeup of said leadership does not tow the acceptable politically correct line?


Let’s not forget that the desired end result of any company is to create a product or service that is consumed (and thereby generate an income sufficient to cover expenses and create a profit). In getting women to consume their product, Facebook could not really be considered lacking much at all.

Could they improve the product for women? Sure. Can they approve it for men? Absolutely. Does that require a woman on the board?


To continue their climb toward world domination, Facebook need only keep focused on the end-user of their product and keep their employees motivated and happy to serve their customers – regardless of who wears the pants on the board.

Fairness Fail

Only in a jacked-up country like America can someone be charged $100, another $10,000 and yet another paid $500 – all for the same thing – and it be called “fair”. To believe in a system that does this and calls it “fair” is total logic FAIL. There is, in fact, a strong argument to be made that believing in this system makes you an idiot.


Sometimes I look at The Little One in astonishment and wonder who went home from the hospital with MY kid 6 years ago.

She was dog-sitting for some friends at our home recently. I had come home from work and as we crossed paths in the kitchen I noticed she had wrapped her hand with clear plastic wrap.

Turns out it was her version of a hazmat glove. She had been in the backyard with this wrapped-up hand and plastic baggies picking up the doggie poo and throwing it in the trash.

It shocked me because I know for a dead fact that her older brother and sister would NEVER do such a thing – even if commanded, multiple times, and under threat of force – and she wasn’t even asked.

What I can’t figure out is whether the third time was the charm and her mom and I finally got the parenting thing right or if God just saw how hopeless we were and blessed us in spite of ourselves.